Unwritten rules, maybe if we wrote them down more people would remember them? Actually these aren't rules as much as they are manners. I like to think of them a basic human civility. By the way basic human civility appears to be on the endangered species list. I think if more people remembered these concepts the world would seem to be a more friendly place.






the wave
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The Thank You Wave- That guy didn't have to let you out of the parking lot of the Circle K on Ambassador at Robley Drive but he did. You should raise your hand, make eye contact and acknowledge that he did you a kindness. You should return that kindness the very next time you can. If you don't the gods of car karma will stick you behind a gravel truck on E. Broussard road all the way to Milton.






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Stay Even With Your Groceries - When you are at the grocery store do not proceed further up the check out line conveyor belt than the leading edge of your groceries. I might be down at the end of check sacking my stuff but I am still going to need the space by the credit card machine to pay my bill. Unless you are going to whip out your card or write a check for me, give me my space. Oh yeah, don't start stacking your stuff on the belt behind mine until I put the little plastic separator bar down first. Why yes I do feel better thank you for asking.




douchebag woman beater
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Take Your Hat Off Inside and Especially At The Table- This is just a sign of home training or lack there of. I know a lot of us guys love our hats and we have no other place to keep that hat when it is not on our head. Still you should always remove your hat or cap when you come inside. I believe cowboy hats are the exception but a well mannered cowboy will remove his hat while at the table. Wearing a hat inside gives the appearance that you are ready to leave or don't want to be there. It doesn't make you look as cool as you think it does.




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Be Accountable For Your Kids- I can't believe I have to write this one but we have all been at the Walmart and seen the little snot-nosed kid running free like a wild animal on the savannahs of Kenya. Where is that child's Mother? I understand kids are going to be kids and they are going to cry and be loud. That I can take. I can't take you not being the parent and maintaining some control over them. They are your kids, not mine, act like you are having an impact on their lives.





the father
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You Will Greet Me Before You Take My Daughter On A Date- My daughter is now of the age when young men want to see her socially. My first rule is this, before anyone takes my child away from my house they have to come inside and say hello to me. It is respect, it is proper and it is a way for me to get a positive ID should I need to call law enforcement later in the evening. This also allows me to ask important questions such as, when will you be home, where are you going and do you prefer an open casket or cremation. I try to be accommodating to everyone's wishes.




I know there are other "rules" or basic manners that we need to mention so I will politely yield the floor to you. What other basic aspects of living a respectful life do you wish other people would follow?

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