Louisiana is known for its crops, crazy weather, crawfish, and, unfortunately, quite a few stinky locations. Yes, in some places, we stink.

Whether it was traveling to see family or taking field trips in school, I have come across quite a few places in our boot state that just smell really bad.

  • Google Maps Street View
    Google Maps Street View

    Sewage Plant on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette

    If you have traveled on Ambassador Caffery, even just once, you know what I am talking about. The Vermillion River Bridge on Ambassador simply smells like sewage. Might just have something to do with that wonderful waste plant.

  • Moreno Soppelsa/ThinkStock
    Moreno Soppelsa/ThinkStock

    Paper Mill in Pineville Area

    I get a nice little whiff each time I travel to see family in Monroe. I have no words to describe the smell. I just know what it smells terrible. What would you describe it as?

  • Joe Raedle/Staff via Getty Images
    Joe Raedle/Staff via Getty Images

    New Iberia Sugar Cane Mill

    Have you ever smelt burning sugar cane? It is incredibly potent and nasty. The kind that really makes your nose twinge. You can't escape it!

  • Google Maps/Google Street View
    Google Maps/Google Street View

    Holly Beach in Cameron Parish

    Those two first words say it all. Although it has become a lot better in recent years, this beach smelt like one big port-a-potty for so long. Also, whatever was creeping in the water did not carry a very pleasing smell either. I think I saw a dirty diaper in the sand once or twice.

  • Google Maps Street View
    Google Maps Street View

    Avery Island Tabasco Tour

    You may be thinking, 'wait a minute'. I know, it seems strange, but think back to the last time you went on the factory tour. This famous condiment may taste fantastic on your rice and gravy, but it smells absolutely terrible when it is being made.

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