Perhaps your current situation finds you inside and not nearly as active as you really need to be. If you're craving an increased blood flow and a break from the boredom let's go on a walk. Actually several walks at some really cool places on the planet.

So clean the laundry off that $2,000 clothes hanger, fire up your phone, tablet, or smart tv and let's spend a few minutes someplace other than here.


  • RunDownUnder via YouTube
    RunDownUnder via YouTube

    Minnamurra Falls -Australia

    Australia is an amazing land. It's a really big place too. I've only hit the cities of Sydney and Melbourne in my travels but I'd love to explore the countryside as well. This video has some amazing scenes so it might be the treadmill that's taking your breath away.

  • Rickyvanmann -Variety Channel via YouTube
    Rickyvanmann -Variety Channel via YouTube

    Hobbit Shires of Gloucester - United Kingdom

    I have never had the pleasure of such scenery in person. This stroll, or magic carpet ride, as the video description calls it, offers a unique perspective of a place I'd like to go. Maybe one day I'll recreate this jog in person.

  • Masahiro Yasuda via YouTube
    Masahiro Yasuda via YouTube

    Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Germany

    One of the many places in Germany I'd love to go back to. The walled medieval city is great for people watching, eating, learning about history, and just digging some really cool scenes. Oh, the shopping is pretty spectacular too.

  • World Nature Video via YouTube
    World Nature Video via YouTube

    Tropical Beach Walk - Thailand

    Thailand is an amazing blend of cultures and traditions. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing that in person but the place is on my bucket list for sure. I have read a lot about the beaches there. If they are as incredible as this video suggests they will no doubt be worth the trip.

  • City Walks via YouTube
    City Walks via YouTube

    Las Vegas - United States

    You've probably been here a time or two. So, you know there are a lot of great reasons to be outside walking in Vegas. Here's a quick trip up and down the strip that just might give you the itch to play virtual slot machines a little later.

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