Fall means school, and school means homework, and homework –- for many a family -– means stress and arguments. But getting homework done doesn’t have to be a daily battle. Here are a few easy ways for parents to make the routine a little easier for kids.

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    Study Daily

    Every day should be a study day. Whether or not your child has homework, take time for them to sit down and go over their material. If nothing else, they can simply read a book. You might be surprised at the amount of work your child has to do that isn’t “homework.”

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    Create a Routine

    Get yourselves in the habit of doing the same thing every day. Study at the same time, and in the same place. Maybe your routine is eating a snack, playing for 20 minutes and then getting down to business. Whatever it is, repeat it daily –- this will help your child settle in to a schedule.

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    Don't Bribe

    It might feel easy to convince your child to do their homework with promises of candy or TV time, but it’s certainly not the best way to go. Instead, praise them with supportive words. This is important because it will create a sense of internal motivation for your child -– something that will last far longer than your days doing math at the kitchen table.

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    Give Choices

    Should you study upstairs or downstairs? Play before, or after? Let your child have some say in creating the homework routine. You can also let your child decide what order they want to do their homework in. This will help them feel a sense of control and ownership over the whole thing, which will help them participate more willingly.

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    Whether you’re helping your child with their homework, doing your own chores or reading a book, make this time for you to get work done, too. This will help reinforce the notion that it’s time for business. And, your child won’t feel left out of any fun happenings around the house. (Definitely keep the TV off during study time.)

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