I have never liked homework. When I was a kid in school I spent my recesses sitting beneath a tree doing my school work. I always believed school work was for doing at school and being at home was for being at home. When my kids were coming up through school I hated homework. The reason was different. I couldn't understand their homework. I bet many parents feel the same way.

Did you know there is homework help for students and parents that is made available through many of our public libraries? Since you probably didn't, Louisiana lawmaker Senator Troy Brown of Napoleonville is trying to make it a law that you're informed. He has proposed and passed legislation through the Louisiana Senate that would make it mandatory for school systems to inform parents about HomeworkLA.org.

This website provides real time homework assistance for students and parents. Senator Brown explained to the Louisiana Radio Network.

"The state library association has an after school online tutorial program where, in real time, they help students with the homework they are dealing with,"

Brown says that his legislation, which has now been passed on the Louisiana House for debate, even provides language that makes it so the homework help site be posted in a prominent place on each school's website.

"I went a step further with the bill to even require our schools to post the website in a conspicuous place whereby the students would see it everyday,"

So breathe easier parents, even though this school year is winding down, there might be a light at the end of your homework tunnel next year. At least there will be help for you and your student, if this legislation passes.

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