My motto in life is 'Collect Experiences, Not Things', and so far, that has worked out pretty good for me. So, when I found an article from Business Insider that listed some things that might be on the expensive side, but are totally worth it, I was intrigued. According to Setfanie O'Connell, author of 'The Broke and Beautiful Life', we are spending money on things we don't really want, at the expense of the things we really need. I'm totally guilty of this one, for sure.

Some of the things listed in the article are below, but feel free to tell me what your splurges might be. And keep in mind, when I say 'wildly expensive', that could be different things to different people. Just sayin'

  • Education - an investment in yourself is always worth the money. And every parent in America wants their kids to get a college education.
  • Travel - this goes under the 'Collect Experiences' category. Ever feel like a completely different person after a weekend away? Yep.
  • A Good Mattress - Sleep is the key to life, folks. Don't even think about scrimping on this one.
  • Clothes That Fit Well. They don't actually have to be expensive, but if you're clothes fit well, it makes all the difference in the world in how you feel.
  • Services that save you time - you can never get those hours back, so having a meal delivery service, or hiring a professional to come out to fix some household repairs is totally worth it.
  • Health Maintenance - having a gym membership, or hiring a yoga instructor, or even splurging on a daily smoothie, all contribute to your mental health. Totally worth it.


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