This future football star is trying to get the attention of his favorite football player.

Every day DJ asks his mom Britney the same question: "Do you think Alvin Kamara watched my video?" DJ, real name Daniel Joseph Taylor, is a 6-year-old kid from Carencro that just LOVES to play football.

And he's pretty good at it.

Athletics was the natural path for DJ, as his mother Britney ran track, played soccer, played softball, and cheered for Carencro High School.

His father Lucas (who is also his coach) was one of the biggest stars to ever come out of Carencro where he ran track, played basketball, and shined on the football field—where some of his records still stand to this day.

Lucas Taylor went on to shine at the collegiate level during his time at Tennessee and even spent some time on the NFL level before an Achilles injury cut his professional career short. His passion (and his talent) for football lives on through his boys Lucas Jr. (8) and DJ (6) who both play for the Bad News Bearz; an 8U CAYSI flag football team.

While most kids are simply having fun at age 6, DJ takes his game "super serious," according to mom. His favorite team is the Saints (it's where he plans on playing in "college") and his absolute favorite player (besides his dad) is Saints running back Alvin Kamara.

You can see how DJ emulates Kamara on the field in his highlight video.

He even dressed up as a "Dead Kamara" this past Halloween.

Family Photo
Family Photo

And what might be my favorite thing ever is the fact that DJ even uses his animal stickers to create the signature tape that Kamara wears down the back of his arms.

Family Photo
Family Photo

So how cool would it be if we could somehow get Kamara to notice, like, or even share DJ's video? Even if he simply acknowledged it, I know it would make DJ's day! So feel free to share any of his videos in this post and tag Alvin Kamara on Facebook or Twitter and let's give DJ a chance to get noticed by his favorite player.

Whether or not Kamara sees this video, we will definitely see DJ Taylor's name in lights in the near future.

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