When's the last time you actually saw a video played on the channel called Video Hits 1?

Or has your knowledge increased much lately from The Learning Channel?

This has been a contention of mine for quite some time -- television channels that aren't giving us programming that their name suggests! That's kind of like false advertising if you ask me!!

Our pals at Ranker.com have joined us on this soapbox and reveals the "7 TV Channels That Forgot What They're About".

Here's the list and you can check out their article with detailed explanation posted below.

  1. TLC - The Learning Channel
  2. AMC - American Movie Classics
  3. MTV - Music Television
  4. The History Channel
  5. SyFy (Formerly The Sci-Fi Channel)
  6. Cartoon Network
  7. Fox News

Personally, the ones that always get to me are MTV and VH1. I only catch videos at like 3:00 in the morning...in between showings of Basketball Wives and Mob Wives and whatever Wives people seem to not care about that week!!

How about you, any TV channel's name that irks you because of its lack of programming personified by the title?

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