Garth Brooks weekend number one in Acadiana is in the books and I have no voice. It may be a rough Monday for you too. But that's ok, we just got to witness perhaps the world's greatest music entertainer.

Rewind a few days to Friday afternoon when Garth and Trisha Yearwood held a press conference to kick-off their "residency" here Lafayette.

The sweet couple spent a solid thirty minutes chatting about this current tour, taking questions from members of the media. Then after that, we (the media goons), got to break out and do some short one-on-one interviews with the superstars.

Most members of the upstanding media community asked real questions. We don't have such people on our staff. So we had a little fun with the "G" man.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this. Thanks to Garth for being a good sport.

Oh, and just know that later in the evening he told someone in our group, "Jude taught me some French earlier today." De rien Garth.

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