The lazy days of Summer are here. They are called the lazy days because it is just too darn hot to move. When I was a kid we didn't have the fancy water cannons and Super Soakers the kids have today. We cooled off the old fashioned way. We had a garden hose.

Sometimes we would get several hoses and connect them to various faucets at neighboring houses and have our version of a water fight. This accomplished two things; it kept us cool and it watered my Dad's grass.

The baby in this video seems to understand the joy of playing with the garden hose. He and his puppy are catching a cooling drink and keeping each other cool with a splash or two every now and then. No, this video isn't life changing nor will it make the world a more peaceful place. But in the short time it takes to view this video maybe the sound of a child's laughter can take you out of your busy day and away from your troubles.

If we are able to do that then we can say mission accomplished.

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