Wouldn't you like to win two VIP passes to meet-and-greet the 2012 Olympic gymnasts all-stars? All you gotta do is visit Bruce and Jude at KW Smith Furniture live broadcast. The remote is Saturday, October 20 from 11-1 pm. We know Bruce and Jude always have the hook up to everything. They will be giving away gold level tickets which will be very advantageous for you. With your gold level ticket you will be able to enter through the Player Pass entrance near the box office and present your pass along with your golden ticket; you will participate in a 30 min chat session with several gymnasts which will end with a Q&A. You will find out what training is like for Olympic gymnasts and what the London Olympic games was really like! You will get your very own gold medal, as well.

The meet-and-greet will immediately being following the show. Don't forget to pick up your meet-and-greet wrist band at the USA Gymnastics Fulfillment table located on the concourse near the red corner. Don't loose your wrist band!


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