Mom, "Can we go home now?" Have you ever been in a store and seen children just going wild?  Crying, screaming, throwing things off the shelf, etc. You might be surprised to find out just how much well behaved children can help you.

At an Italian restaurant in Washington state they are offering discounts to parents for children who are well behaved.  Amazing isn't it?  Could this be beneficial or can it be a new way of parenting!  For instance: "Son/Daughter, If you behave, you will get a few dollars that I saved on my purchase!" It's a little something called: Positive Re-enforcement.

This family saved about $4 on their last dining experience for their children not causing commotion.

good kids discount

"We have not received a discount for our children's behavior prior to this, but we have been complimented on numerous occasions regarding our kids demeanor and behavior," King told Yahoo! Shine on Thursday. The restaurant had also given her children complimentary ice cream.

Do you think restaurants should start giving discounts for this?  Would it work?

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