What time is it right now? Midnight? 3am?  Are you at work? For people like you and I, this is normal. My day with you starts at midnight and lasts until Bruce and Jude kick me out. Some of you have a very similar schedule.

I have come to realize that we pretty much live in our own little world. The night owls of the world. Many times we are asked what it is like to work while everyone else is fast asleep? How is it different? Well, for those of you who do not know what it is like to work the night shift, here are a few things us night folk experience.

  1. If people can drink at 5 in the afternoon after a long day, can we drink at 5 in the morning after a long night? Will we be judged?

  2. We have no idea what day of the week it is.

  3. We are ready to party at 10am after a great nap.

  4. We also have wait for like 5 hours before we can meet up with anyone.

  5. When we hear 'Yay its FRIDAY!' we die a little inside.

  6. The bags under our eyes are like war scars.

  7. We really aren't any fun on the weekend because we are always tired...or have to work.

  8. Shopping trips happen either late at night or early in the morning (which isn't really a bad thing)

  9. Coffee is our only real friend.

  10. We check social media often to see the fun everyone else is having...because we are masochists.

  11. We eat something every 5 minutes.

  12. If you need to tell us something important, it will have to wait until 5pm when we wake up.

If you are a night owl, I hope you got a kick out of these. In my household, we have three people who work overnight. Two of us are up at a relatively decent time during the day. Everyone has to be quiet so they don't wake us up. You could swear we get nothing done.

Working crazy hours can sometimes be difficult, but I find it's the best time. No one else is here when I am and I can play the music as loud as I want to. For all the nurses out there, I'm sure your patients are asleep so your tasks aren't too daunting. Truck drivers, that means less traffic on the roads. It can be quite peaceful.

If you have anymore funny facts or thoughts that I may have missed, comment below. I always love a great laugh!