Remember when you were little and you always thought there was something under your bed that would get you?

Facebook: spotswoodpolice
Facebook: spotswoodpolice

Jason Hubbard in Spotswood, New Jersey was reported hiding under a bed for three days before someone spotted him!

Hubbard reportedly entered the home when one of the homeowners was taking out the trash. He hid under under a bed in the guest bedroom for three days, charging his four cell phones with a nearby electrical outlet. Know clue why he had four cellphones.

So, this guy was hiding under a bed for three days, talking it up on his cell phones while the family went about their lives, having no idea. What he did for food, or how he used the bathroom is as of now a mystery.

It's also not known why Hubbard was hiding under the bed for three days.

Eventually, the home owner heard a noise and spotted his secret house guest. That's when called the Police.


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