Most of the people I know that smoke wish they didn't. I think that is  probably true for a lot of smokers. They wish they could kick the habit, get healthier and save a lot of money in the process but smoking is a difficult habit to quit.

As habits go, smoking captures the smokers in the mind and the physical sense too. The addiction to nicotine is one of the hardest to over come. The psychological connection to cigarettes goes even deeper. In India some folks have come up with what I think is a really ingenious way to remind smokers what they are doing to their bodies every time they light up.

It's not an in your face approach it is more of an appeal to your higher sense and your heart. Watch this video and see for yourself. If you are a smoker and are wanting to quit there are people willing to help you figure it out. If you do want to quit, I wish you well I know you can do it.

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