If you liked this morning's brisk beginning then you're going to love what the Sunday morning forecast holds for South Louisiana.  Yet another cold front is expected to march across the area Friday night into Saturday bringing another round of showers and thunderstorms.

Behind that frontal system will be the coldest weather of the season so far. Many parts of the state will drop into the mid to lower 30-degree range. In our part of the world, along and south of Interstate 10, you can expect temperatures to be in the upper 30's when you wake up for Sunday church services.

Depending on the timing of this weather system, which is currently located western Canada, the showers and stormy weather could create a little chaos for Friday night football. The good news is that the system should bring most of its heaviest weather to the region during the nighttime hours of Friday and the early morning hours of Saturday.

Conditions should begin to improve during the day Saturday but by Saturday night the colder northerly breezes should sweep into the area dropping our Sunday morning temperatures in such a way that almost everyone will be motivated to cook a gumbo.

By Tuesday, Halloween, the weather should be absolutely perfect for trick or treaters across the area. The long-range forecast for Halloween is calling for clear skies and temperatures in the upper 70's. Those temperatures should fall into the 60's by the time the jack o lanterns are lit and the ghosts and goblins hit the streets in search of candy


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