If you have ever run out of gas on the road, it's probably the last time you'll ever do that. All it takes is one time before you really start paying attention to how far you can go with how much gas in the tank. I stopped trying to wing it long ago, only after a disastrous meltdown on the side of I-10.

Cars.com has some great advice for what to do when you're in a vehicle about to run out of gas. Don't panic. Don't start sweating. Just read their suggestions below, and pass this along to all the drivers in your house, especially the teenagers!

  • Get your bearings. If you have navigation, or a smart phone, try to find the nearest gas station. After you pull off the road, of course.
  • Slow down. Speeding will not get you there faster, and it will definitely use more gas.
  • Turn off the AC. Like, immediately. This reduces the stress on the engine, and helps conserve precious gas
  • Turn off all accessories. Phone chargers, stereo, and all electrical devices. That will definitely save gas.
  • Roll your windows up. Yes, we know you already turned off your air conditioner, but you want to reduce wind resistance, which conserves gas.
  • Drive downhill if you can. You can also coast, if possible. These are small things, but they do help you get to that gas station you've been panicking about.


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