As Louisiana and the rest of the nation move closer to the unofficial start of the summer season we should take pause and remember what this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend is really all about. It's about those men and women who paid the ultimate price so that you and I might agree to disagree on the issues that are facing our country today.

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Those men and women paid for our freedoms with their very blood and it's right and proper that we, a grateful nation should remember and honor that sacrifice not just on Memorial Day but on any day we wake up in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

One group in South Louisiana, as we open up the Shaking Out the Good Stuff spotlight from Morton Salt's Weeks Island facility, that is ensuring those who served with honor are being honored for their service is the Acadiana Area for Veterans.

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The Acadiana Area for Veterans is a non-profit group that sends respect for memorial services that honor our fallen heroes. They escort troops and collect and distribute care packages among our veterans and those who are serving. They also support our local and state law enforcement agencies as well as those who fight fires for a living.

They do accept donations to support the work that they do and if you'd like to support their mission, here is the link to their donation site. Morton Salt's Weeks Island Facility invites you to support groups such as these that provide assistance to so many in Louisiana.


No, they aren't doing it for profit, no they aren't doing it for the notoriety, they are doing it because it's the right thing to do. And when you do that, you're Shaking Out the Good Stuff.

Incidentally, if you're a veteran and are looking for work, Morton Salt is hiring at their Weeks Island facility. These are good-paying jobs with the kinds of benefits you've been looking for. If you want to earn good money and sleep in your own bed every night, please explore the opportunities available at Morton Salt and Weeks Island.

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