Today is National Receptionist Day! Did you even know this day existed? It does and it should be celebrated. The receptionist in my opinion is the most important cog in the wheel of business.

This individual is usually the first contact a potential customer or client has with your business. If the receptionist is bright, cheery and professional, that is the image your business will have in the mind of your customer. While many receptionist have clerical duties, their job often goes above and beyond the normal duties of a secretary or administrative professional.

The receptionist here at the Bruce Mikells Multi-Media Center, also know as the radio station, is a rare breed indeed. Ms Janet is a source of information, a clearing house for questions and a one stop reference source. She has to be!

We have seven radio stations in our building and each day the personalities on those stations are talking about different things of importance around the community. Ms Janet will be fielding calls from the listening audience about all of those topics and more.

Ms Janet is also the lady that makes sure you get your prize that you've won on the radio. She has to know specifics about each contest each station is running to answer your questions too. She also has to field calls that our sales department gets from advertisers who are clamoring to be on our radio stations. It's her job to see that each call is answered quickly and routed correctly.

I am sure your office has a Ms Janet. A lady or gentleman that takes care of those phones, keeps the log of who is in the office and who is on the go, and makes sure your guests are greeted warmly and with hospitality. We'd love to celebrate your receptionist this morning. Send us a picture of them. You can e-mail it to me using this link or you can post it on our Facebook Page. Let's share the love, it's Receptionist Day!

Ms Janet, we'd take you to lunch but we don't have anybody to answer the phones, would you like us to bring you something back?