Living in the suburbs of Lafayette (country-living) can be like living in your very own Wild Kingdom. On any given day one might walk out of the house to see a snake sunning itself, frogs, lizards, bugs, birds and more. This Judice, Louisiana homeowner can add crawfish to the list.

For one Judice family, their backyard water feature looks normal, but they call it, "our very own crawfish trap".

We live near crawfish ponds. As far as the eye can see, beyond our fence is crawfish ponds. They invade our yard, it's full of crawfish mounds during crawfish season. They get into the garage as well. Every day during crawfish season there are crawfish everywhere. -Judice Homeowner

Recently, the infestation of crawfish has become so prevalent, that every day there is about a half sack of crawfish that find their way into the fountain in the family's backyard.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

It's a small fountain in the backyard with a water collecting bowl at the base. We get about a half sack of crawfish out of it just about every day. It looks like a normal water feature in the corner of the backyard but it's become our very own crawfish pond lol. -Judice Homeowner

"If we fall on hard times I guess we could always start selling crawfish lol", said the Judice homeowner.

Crawfish season in Louisiana usually runs from about mid-January through early July for what's considered "wild" crawfish. Crawfish season can last longer when crawfish are farmed.

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