Wait, I thought we were having a heatwave? We're going to have a severe weather threat too? That appears to be the forecast in a nutshell. It's almost as if Mother Nature wants us to pick our poison. Do we want to melt in our juices under the broiling rays of the afternoon sun or do we want the heat of the day to stir up so much convection in the atmosphere we get our fences blown down? Some choice, huh?

Forecasters with the Storm Prediction Center have placed a unique swath of Louisiana in the marginal risk zone for severe storms. That swath runs from eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas through the Shreveport-Bossier area. It extends south and southeastward to include the cities of Alexandria, Opelousas, Lafayette, and New Iberia.

The official forecast for our part of the state doesn't hold that great of a threat of rain. In fact, our rainfall probability for the afternoon and early evening hours is about 20%. So, chances are you won't see any storms at all, but if you do, they could be memorable.

As far as the severe weather threat goes, it's kind of an odd-shaped area but data collected by various computer forecast models suggests that should thunderstorms start to fire up later today, the atmospheric conditions over these parts of the state could support strong storms.

But hey, chances are you'll be inside avoiding the heat anyway. Let's just hope we don't get a storm that will knock the power out. Oops, I probably shouldn't have said that out loud.


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