I can tell you through personal experience every school gymnasium has an odor. It's usually the smell of the polish they put down on the basketball court but in this case, it's something far more offensive to your sense of smell.

St. Mary Parish school officials have announced that Wyandotte Elementary in Morgan City will be closed today. The reason an unidentified odor that appears to be emanating from the school's gym. Feel free to make your locker room jokes right here, but this isn't a laughing matter to school officials and parents.

Today, maintenance personelle from the school as well as members of the Morgan City Fire Department will be working to find the source of the mystery stench.  Sources say the smell could be associated with a call made to the Morgan City Fire Department yesterday that reported smoke in the building at the school.

The closure has been deemed a "precautionary" measure and school officials hope to have its source defined and eliminated in time for classes to resume on Friday. However, students will not be allowed to return to class until the situation has been completely resolved.

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