In the midst of Christmas spirit, Acadiana Symphony, Girls and Boys Club, and Manuel Builders have come together to begin a week-long renovation of the Acadiana Symphony and Conservatory Music's central hallway. Manuel Builders are tearing down and reconstructing the central hall area to recreate a more child-friendly, creative and educational-encouraging environment.The construction began at 5 am this past Monday. Everyone involved is working their hardest to create a new space for all of the children and students to do their homework, relax, and practice music.

Altogether, there are 300 young musicians ranging in ages from 3 to 18. These children depend on this central hallway to be a place for them to discover who they are and let out their creative side. It is amazing that in light of Christmas time, Manuel Builders, Boys and Girls Club, and Acadiana Symphony have made it their goal to give this to the children.

The newly renovated central hall area will have chalkboard and magnetic walls, desktop stations, dry erase boards for teachers, and cubbies for books, backpacks and jackets. Even the colors selected for the new space are proven to promote friendliness, social interaction and creativity in a calm environment.

"Giving back to the community is part of our company culture," says Maunel Builders' operations manager, Chris Clare. "It's a privilege to be able to continue the legacy of community outreaches that Greg and Missy have established as an integral part of our corporate identity. We have a great group of people with big hearts who are willing to give back. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve a great organization like the ASO, as well as support the work they are doing in the community."

The new renovations sound like they are going to be awesome! Giving back to the community and to the children is probably the best Christmas gift there is. Tonight the Acadiana Symphony is having their Louisiana Christmas concert with special guest, Sonny Landreth. Guest conductor will be the one and only, Bruce Mikells!

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