We're all on a quest for happiness and success, and sometimes there are very different paths to get there. Getpocket.com has checked in with some scientists who claim that there are nine things parents can do to help their kids succeed in life. They are below, and definitely worth checking out.

  1. Don't tell them they can be anything they want. Gently steer them into positions that are well paying and fulfilling, instead of the jobs that only 1% of Americans are qualified for (rock star, NBA player, video game designer).
  2. Try to eat dinner together as much as possible. At least 5 nights a week to increase self esteem, grade point averages, and better vocabularies.
  3. Enforce media free zones and blocks of time. This should be mandatory, in my opinion. The American Academy of Pediatrics has some great guidelines for screen times for kids from birth on up.
  4. Work outside the home. Yes, we would all like to stay home and raise healthy children, but Harvard Business School says daughters will be more likely to succeed by having a working mom as a good role model.
  5. Make them work. Starting early with chores sets a pattern for future success, according to a Ted Talk and Harvard Grant Study
  6. Delaying gratification. We could all use a little of this. Consistency is the key, and the balance between motivation and procrastination.
  7. Reading to them. Vocabulary, mathematics, and spelling skills are all elevated when you do this
  8. Encourage travel. So many positives come from getting out of your home zone, including improved social skills, willingness to try different foods, and self expression.
  9. Let them fail. Probably the hardest one to do, but so important. Your willingness to see them falter means that you have faith in their being able to dust themselves off, and carry on.

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