The majority of us want to be successful in life, am I right? We all work hard whether it be in school, our jobs, or just regular life. Even though I still have a very long way to go in life, I want to share with you my opinions on success.

When we think of "success", we think of having a plentiful amount of money and being financially stable. If that's what success really is, then I am no where near being successful. To me, success means living a positive, happy, fulfilling life. I think being successful means making several mistakes and sometimes looking like an idiot. Mistakes and failure evolves the way we do things the second, third, or tenth time.

Success is putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation which in turn, helps you grow. It's not taking the easy way out. Everything that seems too hard, frightening, or foreign to us is exactly what we need in life to grow into a successful person. As human beings, we are constantly setting goals for ourselves, but do we always reach them? I think we are use to selling ourselves short or cutting ourselves down. We need to be more positive and self-loving!

Be nice to people. Yes, even the people who give you weird looks or are rude to you. I know, it is terribly hard to suck it up and be nice to someone who is not friendly, but in the end you will feel better about yourself. Plus, you never know what's going on in someone's life. They could have a very good reason to not be in the friendliest of moods. It's important to surround yourself with good people, because we rub off on one another more than we think.

I am anything but perfect; however, I try to better myself every day. I may never be rich, super-model stunning, or the most pleasant person to be around all the time, but I will strive to live a happy, positive life. Baby steps, y'all!




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