What is the key to success? It's different for everyone, but Inc.com has found some common denominators when it comes to very, very successful people. We're talking Bill Gates, Warren Buffet type of successful, so if you are looking for some tips, check out the things that prosperous and affluent folks do every single day to increase their productivity.

  • They are focused on minutes, and not hours. Nothing is as valuable as time
  • They focus on one thing at a time.
  • They don't use 'to-do' lists. Schedule your time on a calander
  • They figure out what they can do NOW to make it easier in the future
  • They make it home for dinner. Know what you value in life, and guess what, it's not always work.
  • Always carry a notebook with you, and use it. Not having to remember everything because you've already written it down is very freeing.
  • Don't stay glued to your email. Schedule a time to look at emails, and stick to that.
  • They avoid meetings like the plague. Top of the time wasters list
  • They say NO to just about everything
  • They go by the 80/20 rule.This means that 80% of results come from 20% of activities.
  • They delegate just about everything. And they don't micro-manage
  • They only 'touch things once'. If it deserves your attention, it deserves it right now, not later. Bills, paperwork, etc
  • They have a consistent morning ritual. A good way to start your day is important
  • They know how to expand their productivity by increasing their energy. Don't skip the things that will help you re-charge - food, sleep or breaks.

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