The American Civil Liberties Union is not making any friends this Christmas season, again. The ACLU has sent a letter to Police Jurors in Grant Parish concerning a Nativity scene that is displayed in front of the parish courthouse.

To a good many of us this might seem to be political correctness run amuck, Executive Director Marjorie Esman of the ACLU says the display caters to only one faith and therefore shouldn't be allowed to be placed on government property.

The law is very clear that governments can’t have something like that because it really discriminates against people who are of different faiths.

Grant Parish District Attorney Jay Lemoine countered Esman's assessment of the courthouse display with these comments reported by the Lousiana Radio Network.

There’s also garland and lights in other parts and other areas of the exterior and inside there are wreaths and a large Christmas tree and other nonreligious secular symbols.

Esman countered with comments that seem to suggest that they are not recommending specific changes to the decorations but,

They can make it a little more secular by adding Santa and reindeers or even a menorah, things like that they could do to make it come in compliance with the law and make it more respectful of other faiths.

If you were wondering exactly how the ACLU got involved in this case the answer might be a bit surprising and might anger many residents who live in Grant Parish. Lemoine explained where he believes the complaint to the ACLU came from.

There was a gentleman from out of town that was here that complained to several in the courthouse, really in quite a rude and vulgar manner at different times. He was quite hostile.

A "gentleman from out of town" huh?  I will let you decide how this makes you feel on this subject.


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