The day after Christmas has always been a busy day for retailers. It's usually a day where gifts that weren't quite right are returned for gifts that will be. It's also a day when Christmas money gets turned into tangible presents. With the popularity of gift cards there is no doubt many shoppers will be melting the temporary plastic today. There is also another great incentive for shopping after Christmas. The sales are extraordinary. 

A lot of the sales that you'll see going on December 26th will have to do with clothing and apparel,and you can find the best deals of the year after Christmas.

Dan Rice a marketing professor at LSU made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. Another plus that retailers have going for them this day after Christmas is that it falls on a Saturday. That means more people will have more time to spend in the stores.

While many of us have loathed the unseasonably warm weather leading up to Christmas, there could be a lot of good news for your bank account because of it.

You might be able to find some real good deals on warm winter clothing, snow sport equipment and things like that. Those industries are really not seeing the kind of volume and spending that they would have liked to see this year.

Rice suggests the idea to get the most value for your money this year is to know who has what on sale and don't be afraid to ask for a bargain. Some stores were open as early as 5 AM today so early bird shoppers could take advantage of the very best deals that retailers had to offer.

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