It wasn't business as usual Tuesday night's special meeting of the City of Crowley town council. The battle over the city's budget for fiscal year 2020/2021 led to some heated debate, shouting, and finger-pointing. KLFY Television cameras captured some of the outbursts last night before calmer and cooler heads prevailed.

While none of us particularly likes to see this kind of altercation, the citizens of Crowley should be quite pleased that their elected officials are passionately defending and or supporting what they believe is best for their community.

In the end, the council did not come to blows but actually came to terms with the city's budget. That's a good thing because, by law, the city had been operating on 50% of last year's budget since the new fiscal year began September 1st.

After the dust had settled and the budget had been approved Mayor Tim Monceaux told KATC Television, 

We're looking forward to moving ahead because we have some great things coming to Crowley. We can't wait; we have subdivisions that are coming and we're getting some ballparks here that are re-turfed. We're looking forward to it. It's going to be absolutely wonderful.

With the battle of the budget behind them, city leaders can now focus on the future, and based on Mayor Monceaux's comments, it appears to be quite bright for the Rice Capital of the World and the good people that call it home.

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