According to Louisiana State law, the City of Crowley must now operate at 50% of its most recently approved budget. Unfortunately, that most recently approved budget was the one the Mayor and City Council passed last year. This year's budget has yet to be approved, hence the 50% stipulation according to the letter of the law.

It's not that the Mayor and Council haven't attempted to get a budget passed. It just hasn't happened and as of September 1st, the city moved into a new fiscal year. Those close to the situation suggest that policies and procedures that were not followed correctly were the reason the city did not approve a budget before the September 1st deadline.

While the Mayor and Council are presumed to be working on getting a new budget passed there are reports that some council members feel the health of Mayor Tim Monceaux could be affecting the process.

A story reported by KLFY TV 10 suggests that some council members feel that the Mayor's absence from city hall, he's recovering at home from COVID-19, has created a lack of communication between the Mayor's office and the council. One member of the council has suggested that Monceaux allow his Mayor Pro Tem to step in while he convalesces.

Based on the KLFY report the city still has six months of funding so there is still a little wiggle room to get a budget passed before financial issues arise and there are potential cuts in city services. Let's just hope the Mayor and Council can agree on a budget before that "wiggle room" becomes a reason to squirm.


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