The City of Crowley has a great reputation for holding its elected officials accountable. I can recall more than a few times the citizens of that Acadia Parish community banded together to "readjust" the political landscape of the town. However, the most recent attempt to recall an elected official in Crowley has apparently failed.

The Crowley-Post Signal newspaper published an interview with organizers of a recent petition that had sought to remove Crowley Mayor Tim Monceaux from office. In that interview, Kathryn Holmes told the newspaper that the recall effort failed to capture enough signatures to move the process forward. Holmes in her comments did suggest that organizers were very close to getting the number of signatures necessary.

Meanwhile, Mayor Tim Monceaux was reported to be "honored" that the citizens of Crowley trust him to do the job for which he was elected to do. Needless to say, 2020 hasn't been the smoothest of years for Mayor Monceaux or the City of Crowley but then again, a lot of communities have struggled in this pandemic year as well.

By the way, If you are wondering about the recall process. Here's what has to happen in order for a recall election to be called. First, a petition containing the signatures of a certain percentage of registered voters must be submitted within 180 days of the recall announcement. Then if that signature requirement is met then a recall election is held.

In that election, voters would simply be asked whether or not to remove the elected official in question. Should voters decide the official needs to be replaced then yet another election would be scheduled to fill the vacated position.

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