After today's lockdown at Lafayette High, watching Sandy Hook Elementary's "Back-To-School Essentials" PSA will make you incredibly grateful to the staff of LHS and our local law enforcement for keeping our kids safe.

Today, Lafayette High went on lockdown for almost the entire day and stayed in lockdown mode as school was dismissed early. As I'm writing this, no official statement has been made by the school or law enforcement regarding exactly what happened.

Being a part of the local media, a situation like what happened today at any school is a concern for me. As a parent of an LHS student, clearly today my concern was elevated.

As concerned parents were searching for answers. Many concerns and fears were expressed on social media, as well as rumors and misinformation.

Some parents were worried their kids weren't going to able to eat lunch or go to the bathroom if they needed to. Many parents were frustrated and asking "Why can't I just go pick up my child?"

I am certainly not here to point fingers or pass judgment. However, I think we all need to be reminded of why these procedures are in place, and what these procedures are designed to do.

Sure, the minute we hear of a school threat or bomb scare we all say "Looks like someone is trying to get out of test today". No matter if that is the case, each instance must be treated with unwavering reverence and execution of policy so that our children stay safe.

You may have been aggravated over today's events and it might have caused your days to become complicated, but you should be thankful.

This PSA from the Sandy Hook Promise titled "Back-To-School-Essentials" was published only three days ago and already has over 3 million views. Watching this, especially after today's events at Lafayette High will remind you why these threats have to be taken so seriously.

To the faculty and staff at LHS and to our local law enforcement, I would like to say thank you for everything you did today to make sure my child and everyone else's had the chance to come home.


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