Louisiana native Andy Griggs has written and recorded a song about the December 14th shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The song is called "20 Little Angels" and it's streaming right now at his website.

Griggs said he was inspired to write and record the song by his Facebook fans who were sharing ideas for the song.

"As my arms were thrown up to the sky with so many question marks, a lot of you had ideas about me writing a song and somehow aiming it towards some kind of charity that would go to the families," said the Monroe native on his Facebook page.

"Well, you inspired me! I called my friend, Bobby Pinson the next day. We sat down and wrote what I thought would be a completely awkward song. It was the exact opposite! It came out better than anything I could've imagined."

The song is now for sale on iTunes with 100% of the proceeds going to the Sandy Hook Support Fund. iTunes and credit card companies are even waiving their fees so the most possible money can be donated to this great cause.

Brother Andy, you've done well! Please go download a copy of this song and share the word with friends.

Here's the tune in case you haven't heard it yet



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