For the first time ever, LSU sold alcoholic beverages throughout Tiger Stadium in 2019, and the venture proved to be very profitable.

More than 280,000 alcoholic beverages were sold in the public areas of Tiger Stadium this season, generating a whopping $2.259 million in net revenue.

And that total doesn't even include the sale of alcohol from the premium areas of the stadium, which had been done last season, with beer and wine available only in a section called "The Chute," which had paid passes and did not allow stadium goers to take their drinks outside of the area.

What was the top alcoholic beverage sold at Tiger Stadium in 2019?

The answer is Michelob Ultra, with 128,627 units sold.

What about the top-selling food item?

That would be hot dogs, with just under 60,000 sold.

LSU and Aramark will split the total concession sales, which includes beer, water, and food, leaving LSU with a nice profit.

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