There are many news stories that are tough to report. The ones that involve senseless crimes against children are the hardest ones for me to report to you. A 20-year old Alexandria man is Rapides Parish jail this morning for allegedly throwing his eight-month old son up against a wall.

Police officers in Alexandria  told the Louisiana Radio Network that Devontee Smith went to the residence of the mother of his child. He kicked in the door to the residence, threatened the mother and the child and then did something truly sick and despicable.

Went to the bedroom and grabbed the baby by the ankles and slammed the baby up against a wall.

Smith then grabbed the baby's diapers and bottles of milk and left the residence with the baby. Authorities tracked him down and arrested him.

For domestic abuse battery, home invasion, simple assault, and theft.

Deputy Chief Cedric Green of Alexandria P.D. said the child was recovered and examined by medical personnel at the scene.

They checked the baby out and did not find any visible injuries to the child.

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