One of my favorite TikTok rabbit holes to fall into is the Amazon must haves category.

No, I'm not talking about the ASMR videos of restocking videos that pop up every third video on your for you page. These are the videos of Amazon Prime members who have a habit of videoing the finds we don't need, but we all want to order immediately.

There are so many good ones to share, but these are the ones that were the most interesting and stood out the most.

Lazy Susan Revolution

This one is more of a holiday inspired buy. If you have a family small enough to fit around the table or you want to better organize the food all over your counter top, this might be a good buy.

Dwëllza Kitchen Olive Oil Dispenser

This one was just cool. I have had issues with the regular glass dispensers leaking and the spout doesn't always pour correctly. This nifty gadget helps to prevent those leaks as well as eliminating having to use a measuring cup or spoon.

Honboom Portable Potty Training Seat

Mommas, you can thank me later. This looks like the step stool I use at home honestly. But the best thing about it is that, when you use the plastic bags, it is very convenient when you are potty training or just have little ones who tend to need to use the bathroom a lot on road trips.

GorillaLine Retractable Indoor Clothesline

One of the biggest problems that I've run into when it comes to laundry is where to hang the clothes that cannot be put in the dryer. It's also hard to find a place in the room to hang a bar that won't just get in the way. In my book, this is a problem solver.

Silicone Shower Hair Catcher

I would say this one is for the ladies, but I know it's for the guys, too. It's inevitable that when us women wash our hair, we will leave evidence behind every time. As gross as it may seem, the wall of the shower is usually where you will found the hair that fell out if it didn't make it to the drain. This bad boy could definitely come in handy, and maybe save the guys some frustration.

Hagibis Cleaning Pen for Airpods

As random as this one might seem, I knew I had to add it to the list. I was recently called out by my teenage goddaughter because apparently my AirPods were filthy. She cleaned them for me, but there's obviously some nooks and crannies that are hard to get to. This could easily be considered a very smart buy for those who have AirPods or any other headphones that come in cases like them.

This is what happens when you mindless scroll on TikTok for an hour. You find videos that leave spending money on things you don't need, but if your spouse asks, they will make like a heck of a lot easier.

Do you have an Amazon purchase that was an impulse buy but you are in love with it?

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