While a good number of Louisiana residents felt election day was a great day to sit on their hands and do nothing, a few people did go out and cast a ballot. Those that did bother to vote have found themselves left with two choices for the state's top job.

It's really not a surprise that Democrat John Bel Edwards will be facing Republican David Vitter. That has been the speculation all along. However, the way the race shook out did take some pundits by surprise.

One of those pundits University of Louisiana at Monroe Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley told the Louisiana Radio Network that he believes this will be a very tight runoff between Vitter and Edwards. 

Senator Vitter's limping into this competition with only 23%. I think he has to be disappointed, not only by his low support, but he barely beat Scott Angelle.

In fact Stockley's perception of the race as of right now gives Edwards a slight edge over Vitter.  He says that the sitting Senator has his work cut out for him if he hopes to earn the Governor's office.

He's going to have to try and convince some individuals who didn't vote at all this time around, to vote for him.

So, what will the strategy be for these two candidates as they try to convince supporters of Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne and those that didn't even bother to vote to vote for them? Stockley believes Edwards plan will have to be something along these lines.

John Bel Edwards has to convince Louisiana that he is truly conservative enough and he's not like President Obama, he's not a liberal democrat and he's Louisiana conservative democrat.

Meanwhile David Vitter's plan has been pretty simple since the beginning. He will tie Edwards to President Obama. You can bet just about every David Vitter add that you see on TV or hear on Radio will mention the name Obama about as many times as it mentions the name Edwards.

Louisiana voters will go to the polls to decide the Governor's race and several other runoff positions on November 21.