A second lawsuit has been filed in federal court in New Orleans. This lawsuit, much like the one that was filed last month claims that the Louisiana based food delivery service is underpaying it's delivery drivers.

Among the complaints from both suits filed against Waitr are violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The plaintiffs in both lawsuits say that Waitr is compensating it's delivery drivers below the federally mandated minimum wage.

Waitr released this statement, as reported by KATC television.

Our drivers are on the front lines for us every day, and they are a vital part of our success. We are committed to providing a positive work experience centered on respect and fair treatment. Waitr Holdings has built its business on employing W-2 drivers, unlike other delivery service providers that only use contractors, offering them all the benefits that come with an employee relationship. Our drivers keep 100% of their tips, and our compensation practices comply with all applicable laws and regulations and are in line with standards in the service industry.

The lawsuit filed March 8th in federal court in New Orleans by plaintiff Autumn Montgomery seeks unpaid minimum wages, overtime pay, damages, penalties, attorney fees, expenses, and injunctive relief under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


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