I would not make a good judge. I have no tolerance for those who commit crimes against children. If I were a judge I would probably have a trap door in my courtroom. The moment a person was convicted of mistreating or misusing a child the guilty would fall into a never ending pit of darkness.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month in Louisiana. The latest year's statistics on that subject are from 2014 and the numbers are pretty sickening. According to that report over 12-thousand Louisiana youngsters were abused or misused by adults. Those figures were provided by Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana.

Doug Cain is a spokes person for the Louisiana State Police. He told the Louisiana Radio Network that this month is a good time for everyone to become aware of the signs of abuse.

We want to do everything we can to raise awareness and remind the public that they have a part to play. If they see something that’s out of the ordinary, if they see an indicator, call law enforcement. Let us know so we can look into it.

You may have noticed pinwheels displayed in the front lawns of homes and businesses around the state. That pinwheel is a symbol of the childhood that all children deserve. Major Cain says the pinwheel is a great way to get the conversation started about what can be done to prevent this senseless tragedy.

Get educated. Support Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana. Go out and get a pinwheel, put it in your yard, and talk about what it represents.

The bottom line is that we, as adults, have a responsibility to voice our concerns when we believe a child is being abused. Doing nothing is the same as saying you're okay with what's going on. Speak up, speak out, and be the voice of the voiceless.


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