Could your cell phone being tricked into giving up its location?

Former police officer Mike Puglise, is the leading attorney at the Puglise Law Firm based in Snellville, Ga. He suggests your phones tracking technology is "the best thing since the no-knock search warrant for law enforcement."

The technology was initially developed by private companies to apprehend drug traffickers, kidnappers and terrorists, but Puglise said, it has become a way for investigators to circumvent proper protocol and violate citizens' Fourth Amendment rights.

The Fourth Amendment protects our nation's citizens from unreasonable search and seizures, but with the tracking technology nothing is private anymore.

Puglise, a criminal defense attorney, advises everyone to be careful of what information you post, share and broadcast.

The technology arms race is only getting worse and worse, Puglise said, but we can control what information we provide to anyone looking for it.

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