I came across a scene this weekend near Youngsville and this question came up: Are grass clipping on the road dangerous and/or illegal?

The answer is: YES!

It is illegal to leave grass clippings on the roadway in many municipalities because it is dangerous and it can cause drainage/sewage problems.

Grass clippings are majority water, so when tires from a car or motorcycle have clippings between them and the roadway, things can get out of control pretty quick.  As a matter of fact, when I first started riding motorcycles, several  people told me of the dangers of grass clippings on the roadway.

It's easy to prevent the clippings from flying into the street while cutting grass: cut so that the discharge chute is aimed back at the yard.  Brilliant, yes?  Don't want the clippings in your yard?  Rake them up.  See how this works?

It's inevitable, when cutting your grass, that some blades of grass may fly astray and end up on the roadway, and that's understandable.  But THIS is just blatant disregard:

Grass Photo by John Falcon
Grass Photo by John Falcon

Be a good neighbor and make certain that you don't leave clippings in the street.  Use a blower and blow them back into the yard, use a broom to sweep them up, or cut in a manner that the grass gets thrown away from the street!

By the way, a big shout out to my neighbor Ricky for cutting my grass this week AND for not blowing the grass onto the street!!

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