Youngsville, Louisiana was settled in the early 1800s by Acadian farmers. Youngsville was incorporated in 1908. Originally named ‘Royville’ by settlers George Roy and his son, the post office requested village leaders to change the name to avoid confusion with the town ‘Rayville’.

Average temperatures for Youngsville range from the mid-60s during the winter months to the mid-90s during summer. Rainfall averages 4.8 inches per month but can vary greatly due to tropical systems and the threat of hurricanes from June-December. Youngsville is located in the south-central portion of the state South of Lafayette and shares borders with Broussard.

Youngsville experienced a catastrophic flood in 2016, considered one of the worst flooding events in the state’s history.

Youngsville is renowned in the area as having a large number of traffic circles or ‘roundabouts’ to control the flow of traffic.

Youngsville is the home of a state-of-the-art athletic complex that hosts a variety of sporting events including baseball, softball, soccer, and beach volleyball. In the early 2000s, the residential community of Sugar Mill Pond was developed that included a small-town neighborhood layout surrounding a pond and a variety of small businesses. Over the years the acreage has filled up with homes and businesses that have surrounded the perimeter of the community.

Youngsville Quick Facts

Elevation – 26 ft
Population – 14,704
Zipcodes – 70592
Area Code – 337

Post About Puppy Dumped Before Acadiana Freeze Goes Viral
Post About Puppy Dumped Before Acadiana Freeze Goes Viral
Post About Puppy Dumped Before Acadiana Freeze Goes Viral
A disheartening post has been circulating on social media and many people have started to draw their own conclusions as to who is responsible for the dumping of an 8th-month-old— puppy right before the hard freeze in Louisiana this month. This situation has started a bigger conversation about the laws protecting animals from being neglected or dumped because unfortunately, this happens daily across Louisiana.

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