I am now under the impression that there is no such thing as a perfect driver. There will always be something that one driver does that will irritate the living daylights out of another. This could be anything from driving way too slow to driving carelessly.

However, what I didn't know is that there are apparently driving habits that can be a turn off for men and women.


Pawel Gaul/ThinkStock
Pawel Gaul/ThinkStock


The top five things that men do that women hate:

  1. Illegally passing other vehicles
  2. Road rage
  3. Bad parking
  4. Texting and driving
  5. Making awkward three-point turns


Paul Vasarhelyi/ThinkStock
Paul Vasarhelyi/ThinkStock


The top five things that women do that men hate:

  1. Making three-point turns
  2. Taking selfies behind the wheel
  3. Texting and driving
  4. Going the wrong way down a one way street
  5. Bad parking

Well I sure am glad that road rage didn't make the women list because I have a terrible case of it.

Obviously, the most appropriate advice here would be: just abide by the law Dawgs. If you would like to pass another vehicle, check your road lines. If the line is solid or just solid on your side, you cannot pass someone. If it is 'dotted' so to speak, you are in the clear as long as you are vigilant.

Ladies, don't take selfies unless you are in a parking lot and your car is in park. Oh, and if your guy is with you, include him in the picture. It's a lot cuter.

Lastly and most importantly, please refrain from texting and driving. I know at least two people who have been involved in vehicle accidents where either they were texting or the other person was. Ask yourself, is it worth your life and the lives of the others in your car? I don't think so.


Stay safe (and attractive) on the road Dawgs!