Body cam footage of the incident that led to the arrest of Marshon Lattimore, defensive back for the New Orleans Saints, has come out and shows an officer carefully removing a pistol from Lattimore's pants. After finding that the gun in Lattimore's possession was stolen, the NFL star was arrested.

See the story from @TMZ_Sports on Twitter below.

In the above report, newly released body-cam footage from an officer conducting the stop shows Marshon Lattimore along with three under individuals being pulled over after police say that the driver committed multiple traffic violations.

In the footage, officer's can be heard mentioning the smell of marijuana coming out of the vehicle as they maintain calm throughout the group of officers and suspects. As the stop proceeds, Lattimore is asked by police if he has a weapon on him to which he admits that he is carrying a pistol in his groin area in his pants.

As officers slowly and carefully remove the loaded weapon from Lattimore's pants, the officer removing the weapon says, "You're gonna shoot your d*** off". Another officer suggests, "You should get yourself a holster". As the conversation continues, the officer that removed the weapon from Lattimore's person laughingly asks, "Dude, how much weed have you been smoking?... Have you been getting high all day?".

The investigation continues and police asks Lattimore where he got the gun and he tells officers that he purchased the weapon. After this discussion is when these officers get Marshon Lattimore's full name and they all come to the realization that they have a star NFL player in their custody.

The 24-year-old begins to get some genuine concern from the officers, as they recognize his success and potential and seem to dislike seeing the young athlete in this predicament.

You can see the entire arrest video from @TMZ_Sports below.

According to this report, Cleveland Police confirmed Lattimore's arrest after he was found in possession of a loaded and stolen handgun. Lattimore initially told officers that the weapon was his and that he had the proper license to carry, but it later came back that the weapon was reported stolen in Euclid, Ohio. This is when Lattimore was arrested.

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