This past September we learned of the horrific news of Former Miss USA and Ragin Cajun Ali Landry's in-laws being kidnapped and murdered. Six arrests have just been made in connection with the grizzly homicide.

Landry's husband, movie director Alejandro Monteverde’s brother and father were kidnapped from their home in Tampico. A ransom was paid for their release, but the two were still murdered.

From AP -

Federal police chief Francisco Galindo  said the suspects were holding six Central American migrants hostage at the time of their arrest, and their gang has been linked to 20 cases of kidnapping or homicide. The gang operated in southern Tamaulipas and Veracruz state, an area controlled by the Gulf Cartel. 

Juan Manuel Gómez Fernández and Juan Manuel Gómez Monteverde’s bodies were found in Pueblo Viejo, Veracruz on September 19, officials report.

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