It's always a contentious affair when the two Tigers of the Southeastern Conference get together on the football field. Those two Tigers are the Tigers of LSU and the Tigers of Auburn University and this Saturday night there will be a cat fight in LSU's Tiger Stadium.

As you might imagine with fan bases as large as these two perennial powerhouse programs have tickets will be in high demand. That also means that the opportunity for n'er do wells to prey on unsuspecting fans is a large one.

The Louisiana Attorney General's office Division of Public Protection is warning fans to be wary of ticket deals that appear to be too good to be true. Sam Pleasant, director of that division, offers this advice.

stick with a reputable ticket reseller or a ticket broker and if you’re online make sure that the online address starts with https

Pleasant's comments were included in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network. In that story he advises consumers to read the terms and conditions on the website before entering a credit card number. He suggests that you understand the site's policy for refunds and returns should you not be satisfied.

If you are afraid that you may have been a victim of a ticket scam, contact the attorney general’s office or online and we have lots of useful information and can take any report of suspected or actual ticket event scams.

The Attorney General's Office says paying with a credit card does offer a bit more protection from paying with cash or check. It's also not a good idea to wire money for tickets since it is virtually impossible to get that money back once it has been sent. The Division of Public Protection has a long list of great advice. We suggest you read it before you make a purchase decision that turns out bad.

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