My momma always said you should lay hands and pray for the sick. One Acadiana community went even further for a local musician battling cancer.

A touching video has been circulating for the past day of fans and friends in Crowley laying hands and praying on Jamie Bergeron's bus while the popular musician took a break from playing at the Crowley Gumbo Cook-Off.

LaKayla Romero Stelly was kind enough to share the moving video on her Facebook page.

Apparently, as the band was set to break after about 30 minutes of playing, Kickin' Cajuns bassist Robbie Buller asked for prayers for Jamie. Then about half of those in attendance walked over to Jamie's bus, laid hands on it and prayed for him.

As you probably know, in June of this year Jamie announced that he was diagnosed with colon cancer. And from all reports, although still in the midst of treatment, his body has been responding pretty well.

We love you Jamie and so does Acadiana! Keep praying for our friend.