Selfies, you can't live without them...but some of us would like to and would sacrifice good money for everyone to stop posting them ad nauseum.

They're a relatively new phenomenon when you think about it. I mean, you couldn't exactly take one with a Polaroid!

Given the world's fascination with them (ok, mainly you ladies under the age of 105), you ever ponder how many selfies we take over a year? Or how about over a lifetime?

The folks at Samsung did some figuring and have deduced that the average person born after 1980 will take 25,000 selfies in their lifetime.

Assuming you started taking selfies in 2010 and based on the average life expectancy of 74 years, that's a whopping 568 selfies in a year or about 1.5 selfies a day.

Whew! I better get to snapping some pics and catch up!

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