Could this be the dream of every kid who ever attended classes? A four day school week? That's going to be the case with the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year in Avoyelles Parish schools.

The Avoyelles Parish School Board voted last night to move forward with the four day class week after hearing input from parents, administrators, and educators. They first floated the idea of the four-day schedule via social media back in February.

The plan calls for students to attend classes Tuesday through Friday. When asked why not make it Monday through Thursday I am pretty sure this figured into the reasoning. You wouldn't want to mess up Friday night football in the fall, would you?

To make up for the traditional day lost, students would attend longer class days. Speculation is that the board will be choosing to add 15 minutes or so to the beginning of the class day and another 45 to 50 minutes to the end of the current class day.

School board officials were adamant in explaining that the change in schedule would not lengthen the school year, only the school day. The board also clarified that the school's holiday calendar would not be affected by the new four-day schedule.


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