Kids across the country are heading back to school and social media is flooded with proud moms and dads posting pictures of their little ones' first day.

Things are no different for Auburn, Alabama 7th grader Brooke Mills. The Auburn City School student posed next to a tree in the family's front yard for her back-to-school photo.

As you can see in the picture, she is looking just lovely in her skinny jeans, black t-shirt, and perfectly combed hair.


She looks so radiant, you probably didn't even notice her photobomber.

Yep, after a closer look, you may have noticed a pretty decent size snake crawling up the tree!


Brooke's mother says she didn't notice the snake until after she took a couple of pictures.

“Lord, it was scary! I got two pictures and said ‘show your teeth please, baby!’ Then I saw the snake. I said ‘Brooke come here’ and she looked at me like I’m not done taking pics! So I said ‘Brooke get away from the tree now.’ I said it calmly, but I’m sure my face said it all,” shared Mills.

Good thing the only thing the snake wanted to strike was a pose. Brooke was not harmed by the snake, she just had a bit of a higher heart rate until school started.